The Fresh Inc. Mehndi Artists


Nisreen has studied and practiced all types of art and design throughout her years at Ontario College of Art and Design University. She is well versed in a wide variety of mediums, including painting, drawing, sculpting, photography, photo editing, and of course, digital art and design. Nisreen constantly applies the skills and techniques she has studied in order to bring form, flow, and balance to her mehndi (henna) designs.


Zainab, who is Nisreen's sister, is an upbeat and fun-loving Graphic Designer by trade, and is currently studying at the Ontario College of Art and Design University. She is constantly keeping up with the latest trends in South Asian fashion and design to make sure the styles reflect in her mehndi (henna) patterns. Covered in mehndi (henna) designs, Zainab is always practicing different shapes and techniques to create new and beautiful patterns.


Ayesha is one of the artists who has been with Fresh Inc. Mehndi from the beginning. She can replicate any pattern with ease, and can still create works of art with her own unique style. While also being skilled at the art of mehndi (henna), Ayesha is also an aspiring makeup artist, which just goes to show that artistic talent is rarely just limited to a single art form.


Jasmin, who is currently studying at York University for Psychology, is also very artistic and imaginative. With her knack for personal customization, Jasmine can customize anything, from clothing and shoes, to canvases and books using paints, markers and especially mehndi (henna).


Mahjabeen, yet another skilled mehndi artist, is currently studying at Ryerson University. She specializes in doing beautifully detailed and intricate mehndi patterns, while also still being able to embrace the Arabic style of mehndi when requested. When she's not studying or doing mehndi, Mahjabeen pursues her own photography business.


Sadia, majoring in Accounting, who is currently studying at the University of Toronto, is one of Fresh Inc. Mehndi's newest artists. She is talented in detailed patterns, but can also beautifully execute larger and more spread out patterns as well. She is experienced in painting and photography and is also a hair-stylist as well.
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