Learn More About Mehndi (Henna)

The art of Mendhi (also known as Henna) has existed for centuries, and can be traced back to the time of Egyptian Pharoahs over 5000 years ago.

Nowadays, it is a predominantly South Asian and Middle Eastern practice, but has become increasingly popular in the western culture. Mehndi (henna) has often been seen on the bodies of A-list celebrities such as Madonna, Gwen Stefani, Sting, Liv Tyler, and more.

Mehndi (henna) is a safe and popular alternative to tattoos, as it is made from all natural ingredients and is not permanent. Some of the ingredients youd find in mehndi (henna) paste include henna powder (made from dried henna leaves), eucalyptus oil, tea, and lemon juice.

Frequently Asked Questions

After the mehndi (henna) is applied, how long will it take for the paste to dry?

Mehndi (henna) usually takes 15-45 minutes to dry completely.

How do I remove the mehndi (henna) after it’s dry?

You can take off the mehndi (henna) by rubbing your hands together, or by gently scraping it off with the back of a butter knife or similar item. You can give your hands a quick rinse (without soap) to remove any remaining mehndi (henna), and then pat dry on kitchen tissue. Try not to wash your hands for at least a few hours after you’ve removed the mehndi (henna) paste.

Why is the design so light after I remove the dried mehndi (henna) paste?

At first, the mehndi (henna) appears very light, but over the next 24-48 hours, the design will gradually darken by itself.

Is there any way to make the mehndi (henna) darker?

After removing the dried mehndi (henna) paste, you can try wearing a latex/vinyl glove, as mehndi (henna) darkens with heat. Essentially, the warmer your hands are, the darker the colour will get.

How long will the design last?

Mehndi (henna) usually lasts about a week or two. It will gradually fade away by itself, fading faster if your hands are being washed frequently.

What is ’black henna’, and does Fresh Inc use it?

A sign of good mehndi is that the colour becomes nice and dark, however, there are some who want it completely black. ’Black henna’ is a dye that looks similar to regular mehndi (henna), but is made with chemicals and dyes that can be VERY harmful to your skin. It is in fact, so harmful, that it is banned from a number of countries due to severe reactions and illnesses caused by the black henna. Fresh Inc does NOT use black henna.

Is Fresh Inc’s mehndi (henna) safe to use?

Our mehndi (henna) is custom made to order, and is made from all natural ingredients. There are no chemicals of any kind, not even preservatives in it (which is why we have to order it specially for each function we use it at). Our mehndi (henna) is very natural and safe, and it is often applied on expectant mothers for a number of different cultural occasions.
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